Seeking knowledge about advanced technologies

Signaturgruppen is sponsoring a major cybersecurity conference at Aarhus University on April 18-20.

17.04.2024 10.11
signaturgruppen sponsorer Match Point 2024

Aarhus shines a spotlight on cybersecurity during the three-day MatchPoints conference.

"How can we maintain trust in our digital society?" ask the organizers, aiming to foster dialogue between industry and the public, discussing solutions to current cyber security challenges through presentations and debates.

"As a Danish company focusing on MitID, eID, and digital signing, we see great value in sponsoring the MatchPoints 2024 conference," says IT technologist Jeanette Johannsen from Signaturgruppen. She attends with seven other technicians, developers, and security consultants from Signaturgruppen.

"Our goal is to acquire knowledge about advanced technologies and strategies to strengthen our MitID and eID solutions, ensuring we continue to meet our customers' needs and expectations effectively," says Jeanette Johannsen.

Insight into new technology

Signaturgruppen's team expects to gain insight into new technologies such as privacy-preserving methods and quantum-safe protocols.

"We also believe the conference will provide a platform for us to network with other experts, allowing us to share our expertise. By participating in sessions focused on cybersecurity, digitalization, and AI, we stay updated on threat developments and trends, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation and security," says Jeanette Johannsen.

Signaturgruppen hopes the sponsorship will increase visibility in the cybersecurity and digital identity industry and contribute to promoting best practices in digital identity management.

"In the end, the sponsorship agreement with MatchPoints 2024 not only highlights our commitment to promoting digital trust and security but also positions us as a proactive participant in shaping the future of identity authentication and data security," says Jeanette Johannsen.

Public panel debate

The conference takes place from April 18 to 20 in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, consisting of a two-day conference at Søauditorierne, a public panel debate at Aarhus City Hall, and a Saturday at DOKK1 with presentations and debates.

Saturday's program targets a broader audience, including students and young talents.

The conference is thus an essential element in showcasing and underpinning the Aarhus area's position as a hub for cybersecurity and a center for successful IT companies working with the latest knowledge in their field.

You can read more about this year's conference program and the MatchPoints concept here: Match Points 2024