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We offer a certified MitID-broker, which easily adds verification through MitID to your digital services.  


Let our broker handle the technical side of user-validation. You will be able to concentrate on delivering first class service, while we secure that MitID-integration runs smoothly on your platform. 

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Enhanced Security


Our certified MitID-broker adds an extra layer of security to your digital services. MitID which is known for its robust security functionality, is easily integrated and strengthened through our MitID-certified broker. This provides a safe experience for you and your users.  

Streamlined Integration


Navigating through the complex MitID-integration is made easy with our broker. We serve as the bridge between your platform and MitID, handle the technical finesses and provide you with the best opportunities to focus on the things you do best.  

User-friendly Verification


Experience the ease in user approval with our certified MitID-broker. We handle the approval process and offer a smooth and easy experience for your end-users. Say goodbye to the complexity within directly MitID-integration. 

Support and Updates


When you choose our certified MitID-broker, you are not only choosing a one-time solution. You choose a reliable partner. We offer ongoing support and ensure that your platform is kept up to date with the latest Mit-ID functionalities which will result in you needing less resources in this matter.



In contrast to the old NemID, MitID has been developed with modularity and flexibility as primary demands. This ensures an easy and fast adjustment of MitID regarding new safety demands and being able to handle ever developing threats.  

UX & Design


It's possible to fit the design of the user interface on a variety of parameters. Choose your own colors, headlines, text sizes and of course your own logo. This is easily done through our administrator’s portal. 

Get 24/7 Broker Operations Support 

Give your operations team extra security with our around-the-clock on-call operations support, available both by phone and e-mail.  


The benefits of our 24x7 Support subscription include:
  • Third line support and specialized operational assistance, available around the clock.
  • Quick response time of just 2 hours.
  • The on-call supporter can also help with determining temporary solutions, which can help minimize potential issues.  


Try our demo and experience how easy it is to integrate MitID with Signaturgruppen Broker.

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UX & Design features 

  • Theme Setup

    Theme Setup

    There are a variety of basic layouts that define the setup of the login page. You can freely choose whether you want a centered login box, vertical split, a top bar, or one of the other layout options.

  • Choose Your Brand Colors

    Choose Your Brand Colors

    Brand colors are an integral part of your brand's identity and influence how consumers perceive and interact with your content. By customizing the theme to your colors, end-users experience a familiarity they can trust.

  • Add Logo to the MitID Login Page

    Add Logo to the MitID Login Page

    Having a logo on a login page is important for increasing brand recognition and user trust. It helps build confidence, enhances the user experience, and strengthens your brand identity.

Want to learn more about our features?
Enhance your system's access control with Privilege Management. This ensures that only users with specifically assigned privileges on their MitID Business user can access your system.
MitID Controlled Transfer is a sophisticated mechanism that enables a digital service to securely transfer a user's MitID session to another service provider.
Ensure seamless and secure identity verification with MitID SSN Match
Our range of signing solutions includes transaction-based signing, PDF-signing, and qualified signing via NemLog-in.
By choosing Signaturgruppen's MitID age verification solution, you provide your customers with a familiar and secure way to verify their age.
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