Signaturgruppen Secures Agreement by Deeply Understanding Customer Needs has been using Signaturgruppen's broker solution for two years, including for electronic document signing.

22.02.2024 13.00
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Utilizing MitID requires a broker for tasks like signing and login, which was precisely what needed. is one of Denmark's leading public administration and advisory companies.'s clients are housing organizations and administrations that collectively own and manage over 80,000 homes in Denmark. Lene Hadbjerg, the company's customer service manager, was part of the team that explored the private broker market to find the right provider for their needs. With the launch of MitID, a new type of provider – a broker – emerged. After discussions with several broker providers, decided to enter into an ongoing broker agreement with Signaturgruppen in 2022.


Exceptional Guidance

"To successfully implement the new signing solutions and ensure a smooth customer journey, we had a joint meeting and consultation between Signaturgruppen and our system provider. Our system provider delivered the signing functionality, and Signaturgruppen provided the support and tools to enable MitID signing," says Lene Hadbjerg.

"One of the key strengths of Signaturgruppen was their effort to understand our situation since we were unfamiliar with this new concept. We didn't really know what it meant to be a broker."

Signaturgruppen's team excelled in explaining this. That set them apart from the competition and ultimately won them the contract.

"There were five other companies we could have chosen, including some we were already collaborating with. But Signaturgruppen took the time to thoroughly understand our needs and explained the available options. They also detailed the various types of signing solutions on the market at that time. We had a very productive dialogue, and there was good chemistry from the start," says Lene Hadbjerg.


Significant Advantage

Today, uses Signaturgruppen's broker solution in the new resident and board member portal, Boligfy, among others, handling approximately 400-500 signings per month.

In Boligfy, users log in with MitID and use a signing solution with PDF viewing for tasks like terminating a lease, exiting a lease agreement, or subletting a property.

MitID is also used to sign the associated electronic forms.

This digital workflow is a significant advantage for users.

"It provides a better customer experience, as residents can sign immediately without having to print, sign by hand, scan, and return documents to It becomes much smoother this way. When we receive documents signed with MitID, they are ready for processing immediately, and we can confirm and sign with MitID Business on our end, so the customer receives something back right away," explains Lene Hadbjerg.

Looking ahead, Lene Hadbjerg envisions using MitID for many other tasks currently sent for physical signing, such as minutes, loan documents, employment contracts, etc.



If you want to know more about Signaturgruppen's broker solution, please contact:

Susan Kit Hansen, Key Account Manager

Phone: +45 30 69 55 08